Please see this page for a live stream of services during this time:

During this time, we encourage our parishioners to pray Vespers at home at the same times that we normally would gather as a congregation.  We have the service texts available online (, and they can be done as-is with minor changes:

  • No little entrance
  • Changing the priest blessings to “through the prayers of our Holy Fathers…”

Here is Great Vespers text for this weekend:

Here are the verses for this Wednesday’s services:

Using the Vespers service text as a template, you may do these services at home.  We know these instructions are not as clear as we would hope, but we encourage you to pray through a service with your family and getting the exact details right is not important, but rather to keep a pattern of praying when we would normally gather as our parish.

Here are additional ideas for prayer at home:

  • Readers services at home:
  • The Dynamic Horologion:


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