As a far cry from the caricatures of confession in Hollywood as an impersonal and juridical process, the sacrament of Confession is in many ways the unique sacrament of a continual return to the grace of Baptism in Christ.  It is a fountain of grace and healing, and much more a hospital for the soul than a courtroom for the soul.  In many ways, participating often in the sacrament of confession not only at the beginning but throughout one’s whole Christian life will provide an irreplaceable anchor in the healing grace of the Church, which can never be shaken.

This series of homilies provides an Orthodox teaching on confession rooted in one of the greatest and grace-filled examples of it in the history of our Church: The Elders of Optina Monastery.

      Preface: The Patristic Revival of St Paisius Velichkovsky (11/14/2020)
      Confession Part 1: Stillness (11/21/2020)
      Confession Part 2: Spiritual Warfare and Victory (12/5/2020)

      Confession Part 3: Guided by the Spiritual Father (12/12/2020)

      Confession Part 4: Perpetual Practice (12/19/2020)
      Confession Part 5: Perpetual Discipleship (12/26/2020)

      Confession Part 6: Perpetual Humility (1/2/2021)

      Confession Part 7: Renewal of Consolation (1/9/2021)
      Confession Part 8: Renewal of Freedom (1/16/2021)