Those who want to worship with us, so long as they enter “with faith, reverence, and the fear of God”, are always welcome.  Each person has his or her own journey of faith.  Our doors are open for those inquiring at any level.


This page is about what it means to become an Orthodox Christian and at the same time a member of an Orthodox parish.  For those who desire to do so, Fr. Wilbur provides times of instruction during various times of the Church year, and is always available for questions about entering into the communion of the Orthodox Church.

Entering the Church

Entering the Orthodox Church is a commitment, and a commitment that should be approached with joy for those entering.  We confess our commitment to the Church and enter the fullness of that communion through Baptism, Chrismation, and the Eucharist.  And equally important to entering the Church is to have a vision of the Church as one’s own family.  The liturgical life of the Church is where our true identity is formed.  All of us have commitments and busy lives, but we must not enter the Church with a mindset of doing the bare minimum, but of re-orienting our lives as much as possible around the life of the Church, which feeds our life in the world no matter where we work or live.


See the Confession page for more information.

The Divine Services

The worship of the Church, especially in the Divine Liturgy, is essential for the life of any Orthodox Christian.  In stark contrast to the individualistic spirit of our age, the Holy Spirit of God fills us with the eternal joy of the Holy Trinity as the Body of Christ, members of one another, as by our life together, we come to know our true identity not as isolated “dust returning to dust”, but as unique persons who share in the very life of God together, that we “may become perfectly one, that the world may know that You sent Me.” (Jn. 17)


While life in the Church is the foundation of the spiritual life of an Orthodox Christian, it is equally true that this fountain of Grace found in the Church cannot be forgotten throughout the week when we are not able to gather as the Church.  The rich history of the Church’s meditation on prayer in her Saints and Holy Fathers, and seeking to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17), provide a framework for every Christian to preserve that joy and love of Christ, that we may both maintain in our spirit a sense of our identity and hope in Christ, and shine as lights to the world.


Part of becoming a member of God’s church community is tithing as an act of worship and support of the ministry of God’s church.  The tithe is a giving of 10% of our income as an offering to the Lord, which was first revealed way back in Genesis 14, when Moses tithes to the High Priest Melchizedek.  From there it has a long history as part of Israel and the Church’s life in the world.

For Holy Transfiguration families who would like to tithe online, we are now offering the option of giving through Paypal: